Language Activator – Kick

Language Activator Kick

Language Activator – Kick



(intransitive/transitive verb)

.The boy behind me kept kicking my chair

kick something along/over/around etc

?Who kicked the ball over the fence


(countable noun)

a kicking action or movement

.And what a tremendous kick that was – straight into the goal from 200 yards

give somebody/something a kick

(verb phrase)

to kick someone or something once

.He gave the bundle a gentle kick, but still it didn’t move

give something a good kick

kick it hard

.If the door won’t open, just give it a good hard kick


(transitive verb)

to hit someone using one of your knees

.She struggled free and kneed her attacker in the groin


(transitive verb)

to kick something hard, especially a ball

.He booted the ball up to the other end of the playing field



:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

.N1. He was dragged ————- and screaming into a waiting police car

.N2. I could feel the baby ————- inside me

.N3. One of the gang ————- him in the stomach

.N4. One karate kick can ————- someone

.N5. Suddenly this big heavy guy came up and ————- me in the stomach



Kicking/ kicking/ kicked/ kill/ booted

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