Language Activator – Interfere


Language Activator – Interfere


(intransitive verb)

to try to influence a situation that you should not be involved in, for example by telling someone what to do or giving them advice that they do not want

.The protestors were peaceful, and the police decided not to interfere

interfere in

.She has no right to interfere in her son’s marriage


(uncountable noun)

.when someone interferes in a situation

interfere from

.The Internet should be allowed to develop without any interference from the government


(intransitive verb)

to interfere in a situation that you do not understand or know enough about, and that someone else is responsible for dealing with

meddle in

.Church leaders shouldn’t meddle in politics

meddle with

.Most of us don’t know our neighbors well enough to meddle with their lives

poke/stick your nose into

(verb phrase)

informal to ask questions about someone else’s private life and give them advice they do not want, in a way that annoys them

.She’s one of these people who is always poking her nose into other people’s business

put/shove/stick your oar

(verb phrase)

to give your opinion or advice to someone when they do not want it, because it is a private situation

.I don’t want your dad over here sticking his oar in


(intransitive verb)

to become involved in someone’s private affairs when you know you have no right to be involved – use this especially when saying that you want to avoid doing this

?I don’t want to intrude, but are you all right

intrude on

It’s very important not to intrude on the family’s grief, whilst still helping with the funeral arrangements

intrude into

Companies should not have the right to intrude into employees’ personal lives by giving them psychological tests


(countable/uncountable noun)

intrude in/into

.The magazine has apologized for any intrusion into the actor’s private life



.I found the reporter’s questions very intrusive



:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

.N1. Sorry, I didn’t mean to ————- I didn’t realize you were on the phone

.N2. No one wants the government ————- its nose into the personal affairs of citizens

.N3. The US was accused of ————- in China’s internal affairs

.N4. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ————-, but I didn’t want Glenda to be upset



Intrude/ Sticking/ Interfering/ interfere

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