Language Activator – Hurry

Language Activator Hurry

Language Activator – Hurry



to go somewhere or do something more quickly than usual, for example because you are late or because you must finish something by a particular time

.Please hurry – this is an emergency

hurry across/after/away etc

.Elizabeth disappeared into the crowd and Donald had to hurry after her

hurry to do something

.In the kitchen Paul was hurrying to get the dinner ready before six o’clock


to do something or go somewhere very quickly, often so quickly that you do not do it carefully or properly

.If you rush your meals, you’ll get indigestion

rush out/around/into etc

.We rushed around trying to get all the information we needed before the end of the week

rush to do something

.I rushed over to meet him

rush things

.Don’t try to rush things in a new relationship

dash to go somewhere very quickly, usually by running, especially because there is something important or urgent you must do

dash around/out/into/across etc

.Kids were dashing across the playground chasing a ball

dash to do something

.I dashed downstairs to answer the phone

in a hurry/in a rush

if you do something in a hurry or in a rush, you do it too quickly because you do not have much time, usually with the result that you make mistakes

.She had left in a hurry, and had forgotten her driver’s license

be in a hurry/rush to do something

?Why are they in such a rush to sell the house

hurry through/rush through

to hurry in order to finish something in time, often so that you do not do something properly

.She hurried through her breakfast with her eye on the clock


written if you do something hurriedly, you do it very quickly because you do not have much time

.Sorry,’ Alice said, as she hurriedly put out her cigarette’

in haste

especially written if you do something in haste, you do it too quickly and without taking enough care – used especially in literature

.She had married in haste and regretted it ever since

in your haste

to do something because you want to do something very quickly

.In his haste to leave, he almost forgot his coat



:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

……….. N1. We have plenty of time, there’s no need to …………. N2. Brewing beer is a long process and should not be .N3. He dressed ……………and went to answer the door .N4. Don’t ……… through the chapters; take notes as you read .N5. We were in a ………… get back to the office .N6. He just dashed into the office and then ………….out again without speaking to anyone .N7. Everyone ……………out into the street to see what was happening …………. N8. Try to do your work calmly and carefully, without



Hurry/ hurried/ hurriedly/ rush/ hurry/ dashed/ rushed/ rushing

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