Language Activator – Do business

Language Activator Do business

Language Activator – Do business

do business/ do some/more etc work/ Work/ voluntary/charity work/ Duties


(uncountable noun)

:the things that you have to do in your job, which need time and effort

?What kind of work are you looking for

.He liked the work, and he was good at it too

do some/more etc work

.Scott’s doing some work for me at the moment, as it happens

.Administration is a large part of the work we do

personnel/secretarial/bar etc work

.It’s clerical work mainly — pretty boring

voluntary/charity work

work that you do not get paid for

?Are you still involved in charity work


(uncountable noun)

work that you do in your job, especially work that involves buying and selling, travelling to different places, or discussing things such as contracts with people

Some insurance companies offer lower rates for drivers who do not use their cars for business

do business

The paper claims to provide proof that some drug lords are doing business from their jail cells

business trip/meeting/traveller etc

.Our main market is the business traveler looking for cheap overnight accommodation

on business

for business, not pleasure

.I have to go to Tokyo next month on business


(plural noun)

the various things that you have to do as part of your job – used especially in contracts or other official documents

somebody’s duties

In addition to secretarial and general office work, your duties will include providing the directors with refreshments

go about/perform/fulfil duties

.I admired him, especially because of the way he went about his duties efficiently

suspend somebody/relieve somebody from duties

to stop them doing their job for a period of time

.Nine officers were relieved of their duties after McDuffie’s death


:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

N1. Three instructors have been suspended from ——-while sexual harassment charges are investigated

.———N2. A teacher can be dismissed for not performing his or her contractual

.N3. She is a member of staff, and like all of us, she has ——-to fulfil

N4. As soon as she returned home from her honeymoon, she resumed her medical ——–at the clinic

‘.N5. ‘Where’s Michael?’ ‘He’s at a ———–meeting

‘.N6. ‘Is this trip for ———–or pleasure?’ ‘Business, I’m afraid

?N7. Have you ever done ———work before

/N8. He’s doing construction ——–these days

.N9. I didn’t get much ———done today

.——–N10. Being in the police isn’t all

.N11. This is strictly a ———–trip

.N12. I was in London last month because I had some ———–there

.N13. Gerald left, saying he had some important ———–to attend to

.N14. She does two afternoons voluntary ———at the playgroup




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