Language Activator – Determined

Language Activator Determined

Language Activator – Determined

Determined/be set on / be intent on/ adamant/be resolved/ tenacious/play hardball/ mean business



] if you are determined to do something, you have decided that you are definitely going to do it, and you will not let anything stop you

.There’s no point in trying to stop her — it’ll only make her more determined

determined to do something

.Both sides in the dispute seemed determined not to compromise

(determined (that

.She was determined that her children should have the best possible education

be set on

(verb phrase)

to be determined to do something, especially something important that will affect your whole life, even if other people think you should not do it

be set on (doing) something

Nina seems to be set on marrying dead set on something extremely determined to do something

set your mind on

(verb phrase)

if you set your mind on something, you decide that that is what you definitely want to do or have, especially something that you will have to work hard to achieve

set your mind on (doing) something

.Once Tammy’s set her mind on something, she doesn’t rest until she’s done it

.She’s set her mind on having a big posh wedding

be intent on

(verb phrase)

to be determined to do something, especially something that other people do not approve of or think you should do

.Michael left school at fifteen, intent on a career in show business

be intent on (doing) something

.He’s always seems intent on stirring up trouble among his colleagues


(adjective not before noun)

determined not to change your opinion or decision, especially when other people are trying to persuade you to change it

.The man in the shop was adamant. ‘Definitely not,’ he said

adamant that

.Taylor was adamant that she was not going to quit

be adamant in your belief/refusal/own mind

.Nicolson was always adamant in his belief that his films did not encourage drug-taking

adamant about

.To this day, Matthews is adamant about his innocence



in a way that shows that you are determined to do something

.She strode purposefully up to the door and rang the bell loudly

be resolved

(verb phrase)

formal to be determined to do something because you are sure that it is the right thing to do: be resolved to do something

.The new President is resolved to impose a number of reforms

be resolved that

.Our city authorities are resolved that the new school will be built within six months

mean business

(verb phrase not in progressive)

to be determined to do something and show other people that you are determined to do it, even if it involves harming someone

.Firm action would show both sides that the EU and the UN really meant business

play hardball

(verb phrase)

American informal to be very determined to get what you want, especially in business or politics

Toymaker Mattel is getting ready to play hardball in an effort to persuade Hasbro to reconsider a hardball with



refusing to stop trying to do something even though the situation is difficult or people are opposing you

.He was the most tenacious politician in South Korea



.The company tenaciously insisted on their right to pay tax at the lower level

cling/hold on etc tenaciously to something

.Rose clung tenaciously to her original idea



:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

.N1. I was ————- to be a professional dancer, and practised for hours every day

.N2. I didn’t particularly want to go to Africa, but Bob was dead ————- the idea

N3. And to prove we ——— business, our members will stage a one-day strike next week

N4. The Deputy Prime Minister told reporters that Canada was ready to play———— with the US

.N5.  As a reporter, David was tougher and more——— than the other three



determined/ set on/ mean/ hardball/ tenacious

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