Language Activator – Describe

Language Activator Describe

Language Activator – Describe

Describe/description/talk about/tell of/ write/give an account of


(transitive verb)

to talk or write about a person, place, event etc, saying what they are like and giving details about them

.In her book, she describes her journey across the Sahara

describe somebody/something as

.Police described the attack as particularly violent

describe somebody/something to somebody

.I tried to describe the feeling to my doctor, but she didn’t understand

describe how/what

.It’s difficult to describe how I felt

give a description of

(verb phrase)

to describe someone or something, especially by giving details about what they look like

The brochure gives a general description of the island and some of the things you can do there

talk about

(transitive phrasal verb)

to describe something that you have seen or experienced by talking to people about it

.Grandma always talks about the way they used to live on the farm

write about

(transitive phrasal verb)

to describe a person, place, event, situation etc by writing about it

.Purcell wrote about his son’s illness for a popular magazine

what somebody/something is like

spoken use this when you are asking someone to describe someone or something to you or when you are describing someone or something to them

?‘I’ve just met Anna’s new boyfriend.’ ‘What’s he like

give an account of

(verb phrase)

to describe something that happened, giving only the facts and not adding your own feelings or opinions

.The second witness gave a similar account of what happened

tell of

(transitive phrasal verb)

written to describe an event, situation etc, especially as though it was a story, in order to make it sound more exciting or impressive

Many of the prisoners have told of the terrible conditions they were kept in and how they were beaten

tell somebody of

.In the evenings Morris would tell us of his youth spent in Europe



:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

.N1. You should talk ………your problems with someone – maybe they can help you .N2. I’ll try and ………….to you what being in prison was like .N3. King gave a detailed ………..of a dark-haired muscular man to police ?N4. Could you try and …………..the man you saw .N5. Please give a brief ………….of your previous work experience .N6. Have the children write ………..what they did last summer .N7. I’ll try and ………….to you what being in prison was like



About/ explain/ description/ describe/ account/ about/ explain

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