Language Activator – Crime

Language Activator Crime

Language Activator – Crime



(countable noun)

an action that is against the law, for example stealing something, taking drugs, or deliberately hurting someone

The number of crimes reported in the New York City area has decreased dramatically over the last ten years

commit a crime

do something that is a crime

.Investigators believe that the crime was committed at around 7.30 p.m

crime against

.He was sentenced to 25 years in prison for rape and other sexual crimes against women

serious crime

.Not surprisingly, the police say that 50% of serious crimes are drug-related

solve a crime

find out who did it

.The demonstrators called on the governor to make solving the crime a priority

(offence (British

 (countable noun)

an action that can be punished by law

.Tarrant is now in jail for various offenses, including rape

commit an offence

do something that is an offence

.Bates is being tried for offences committed in the early 1990s

criminal offence

.The bill seeks to make it a criminal offence to inflict cruelty on any animal

serious offence

.Possession of an unregistered firearm is a serious offense

minor offence

not very serious

.Hewson was arrested for a number of minor offences

speeding/parking etc offence

.Speeding offences are usually punishable by a fine


(countable noun)

a serious crime such as murder or a violent attack – used especially in the legal system in the US

.Johnson was preparing his defense against felony charges of armed robbery and assault

commit a felony

.She denied that she had committed any kind of felony


(countable noun)

a crime that is not very serious – used especially in the legal system in the US

.By the time he was 14, Horowitz already had several misdemeanors on his file

commit a misdemeanor

The court also processes cases of children and youth who have committed misdemeanors or felonies



:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

.N1. McFarlane pleaded guilty to four federal ——– charges that he had lied to Congress

.N2. Leach was charged with sexual assault, which is a ————- in Connecticut

 ————- N3. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a criminal



Misdemeanor/ felony/ offense

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