Language Activator – Country

Language Activator Country

Language Activator – Country



(countable noun)

a separate independent area of land whose people have their own government, president, king etc

.Most people in this country are worried about the economy

all over/all around the country

Riots and demonstrations broke out all over the country after the assassination of Martin Luther King


(countable noun)

a country considered especially in relation to its people and its social and economic conditions and structures

.Representatives from the world’s leading industrial nations will meet in Geneva

nation of

.We are a nation of both great wealth and terrible poverty


(countable noun)

a country considered especially as a political unit that has a particular type of political organization

.The state of Israel was created in 1948

a democratic/one-party etc state with that type of government

.For more than 70 years, the former Soviet Union was a one-party state

member state a country belonging to an international organization

.the member states of the European Union


(countable noun)

a strong country that is able to influence other countries politically or economically

.The western powers hardly knew how to react to this threat

world power having influence all over the world

.Germany’s strong industrial base has helped maintain its status as a major world power


(countable noun)

a nation that has very great military and political power

.The book traces the emergence of China as a superpower in the 21st century


(countable noun)

country – use this especially in stories and in formal speeches

.Our story takes place in a far-off land, long, long ago



:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

N1. His travels in foreign ………….provided him with the inspiration for many of his poems and songs .N2. France was the only European …………..not to sign the treaty .…………. N3. In 1830, Greece became an independent  .N4. Brazil is one of the biggest ……………in the world .N5. The northeast of the ………….will experience heavy rainfall and high winds .N6. Japan has become one of the richest ………… the world



Lands/ power/ state/ countries/ country/ nations

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