Language Activator – Be used to


Language Activator – Be used to

be used to/ be accustomed to / be/feel at home with

be used to

if you are used to something, you have often done it or experienced it before, so it does not seem strange, new, or difficult to you

.At first Omar hated the rain in England, but he’s used to it now

be used to doing something

.She grew up on a farm, so she’s used to getting up early

be accustomed to

:to be used to something, especially because it is a normal part of your life

.Americans are much more accustomed to computer technology these days

be accustomed to doing something

.A few of the men in the office weren’t accustomed to taking orders from women

be/feel at home with

to be so used to something that you feel comfortable and happy with it, especially because you have learned how to do it well

.practice using the computer until you feel at home with the mouse and keyboard


:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

.N1. The car breaks down so often, I suppose I should ————-it by now

.N2. Jim has lived in Tokyo for 20 years, so he is perfectly at ——-with Japanese customs

.N3. They were already —————to waiting, so no one complained

.N4. My grandfather was ———-having everything done for him


be used to / home/ accustomed/ used to

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