Language Activator – Addicted

Language Activator Addicted

Language Activator – Addicted

اغلب دیکشنری ها لغاتی را مترادف یک لغت معرفی میکنند. اما آیا تمامی مترادفهای یک لغت صد در صد معنای همان لغت را القا میکنند؟ مسلماً خیر. در این بخش از آفرینش اکتیوتر لغات هم معنی و یا نزدیک به لغت   addicted را بررسی خواهیم کرد. ابتدا جملات را خوانده و خودرا محک بزنید سپس برای دیدن نتایج و توضیح اینکه هر لغت در چه موقعیتی استفاده میشود به لینک زیر بروید

Addicted/ hooked/ dependent


(adjective not before noun)

if you are addicted to drugs, alcohol, tobacco etc, you need to take them regularly and feel that you cannot stop

addicted to

.By the time he was 16, he was addicted to heroin


(adjective not before noun)

informal addicted to drugs, tobacco etc

hooked on

.She’s been hooked on heroin since she was 15. get hooked


(adjective not before noun)

addicted to alcohol or drugs, especially legal drugs that a doctor gives you, so that you feel you cannot live without them

dependent on

.Far more people are dependent on alcohol than we realize



 : Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

.N1. About 10% of the population is ………….on some form of drug …………. N2. It’s almost impossible to take tranquilizers for long without becoming …………. N3. Don’t let your children start smoking — it’s so easy for them to get .N4. The children of mothers who use crack or cocaine are often born ………….. to the drug …………. N5. I tried to give up smoking several times before I realized I was



Dependent/ dependent/ hooked/ addicted/ addicted

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