IELTS test in the UAE – July 2019 – Academic Module

IELTS test in the UAE – July 2019 – Academic Module

Listening test

:Section 1

Shipping application form

:Section 2

About cooking classes

:Section 3

Seminar topics for students

:Section 4

About different Archaeological sites and new buildings

Reading test

Don’t remember

Writing test

Writing task 1 : a report

We were given a line graph describing the production of timber, pulp and paper. We had to summarise it

Writing task 2 : an essay

Certain personal qualities cannot be achieved through university studies. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your opinion and relevant examples

Speaking test


? What is your full name –
? Can I see your ID –
? Where are you from –
? Do you work or study –
? What do you do –
? Where do you live now –
? Do you live in apartment or a house –
? Do you like it –
? Can you describe your apartment –
? What room in your apartment do you like the most –
? Why is that –
? Do you visit relatives –
? How often do you visit them –
? Do they come to your place sometimes –

Cue Card

Describe an instance when your car broke down. Please say

? When and where did it happen –
? What was the problem with it –
? How did you feel later about it –


? Do people mostly use public or private transportation in your country –
? Which is more comfortable to use, in your opinion –
? Why do people use private transportation mostly nowadays –
? How can we increase the use of public transportation, in your opinion –

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