IELTS test in India – September 2019 – Academic Module

ielts sample test

IELTS test in India – September 2019 – Academic Module

Listening test

:Section 1

About a photography course

:Section 2

About outdoor leisure activities, boat hire and a route through several natural parks and water pools

:Section 3

’A discussion between two students about their assignment. The title of the assignment was ‘A coffee bean house

:Section 4

A lecture about paints from the prehistoric era to roman era. How they were first prepared and their development until modern day

Reading test

:Passage 1

About polygraph and other lie detecting machines

:Passage 2

About ants and how they pass information to other ants

:Passage 3

About avalanches, how they are created and what the results of avalanches are

Writing test

Writing task 1 : a report

We were given a map showing development of bio science area at university campus. Two figures were given illustrating the changes that will be made on campus

Writing task 2 : an essay

Nowadays many people want to buy famous brands of clothes, cars and other items. What are the reasons for this? Do you think it is a positive or a negative development

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