IELTS test in India – March 2020 – Academic Module

ielts sample test

IELTS test in India – March 2020 – Academic Module

Writing test

Writing task 1 : a report

We were given a chart with figures describing new house construction starts between 1999 and 2002

Writing Task 2 : an essay

The reason why people buy products is to fulfil their needs and because of the products’ quality. Advertisements don’t increase products’ sales; they can only be considered a form of entertainment. Do you agree or disagree

Speaking test


? What is your full name –
? Can I see your ID –
? Where are you from –
? Do you work or study –
? What kind of work do you do –
? What languages do you speak –
? What languages do you use at work –
? What is more important, to do a job that you like or to work with people that you like –

Cue Card

Talk about a place where you go to read or write (except for your home). Please say

 What place this is –
Where it is located –
With whom you go there –
. How often you visit this place –


? What do you prefer, reading or writing? Why –
? What do you think is more important, reading or writing –
? What way of learning is better, by reading books or by watching videos –
? Are there things you can only learn from books –
? What is the best age to teach children to read and write –
? When do you think children should start school –

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