IELTS test in India – June 2019 – General Training

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IELTS test in India – June 2019 – General Training

Writing test

Writing task 1 : a letter

Your family is moving to a new city. Write a letter to the real estate agency in your new city to enquire about a rental house. In your letter

 Explain when you are moving and the reason –
Describe where you would like to live –
. Mention the type of house you need –

Writing Task 2 : an essay

In many countries in the world people buy clothes and choose hair styles according to the latest fashion. Why is this happening? Is this a positive or a negative development

Speaking test


? What is your full name –
? Can I see your ID –
? Do you live in an apartment or a house –
? Can you describe your house –
? Do you have a favourite room –
? Why do you like this room so much –
? Do you like shopping –
? Do you prefer shopping malls or street markets –
? What is the difference between them –
? Would you shop in a street market in a foreign country –
? Why/Why not –

Cue Card

Talk about a skill that you learned that is useful to you. Please say

 What skill it is –
When you learned it –
How you learned it –
. And explain how you feel about it now –


? What kind of skills do people learn these days –
? How do they learn these skills –
? How have skills that are popular today changed compared to the past –
? Are personal skills important –
? Do some jobs require people to have more personal skills than others –

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