IELTS test in Canada – August 2021 – General Training

ielts sample test

IELTS test in Canada – August 2021 – General Training

Writing test

Writing task 1 : a letter

You are working in a school. Write a letter to the Principal to recommend your friend for the position of sports teacher in your school. In your letter

 say how long you have known him/her –
describe his/her qualifications –
. explain why you think he/she would be suitable for the job –

Writing task 2 : an essay

There are many wild birds and animals living in the cities, and some people believe that these animals should be killed, while others think that they should be saved and protected. Discuss both views and give your opinion

Speaking test

Part 1 : Interview

? What is your full name –
? Can I see your ID –
? Where are you from –
? Where do you live –
? Do you like to keep flowers at home –
? Have you ever seen wildlife up close –
? Where in your country can a person see wildlife –
? Why do you have to go to these places, in particular –

Part 2 : Cue Card

Describe an item you bought for yourself and were pleased with. Please say

 What the item was –
Why you bought it –
Where you bought it –
. And explain why you were pleased with it –

Part 3 : Discussion

? Are you interested in history –
? What is the basic purpose of museums –
? In what way can technology help people learn about history –
? How can technology help the younger generation to take interest in history –

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