IELTS test in Bangladesh – October 2019 – Academic Module

ielts sample test

IELTS test in Bangladesh – October 2019 – Academic Module

Reading test

:Passage 1

About Hershey’s chocolate

:Passage 2

About currencies that people used from 1800 BC to the 19th century

:Passage 3

Don’t remember

Writing test

Writing task 1 : a report

We were given a process diagram of canned fruit production

Writing task 2 : an essay

Lectures given by teachers in universities used to be the only way of teaching students, however, nowadays technology has evolved and made it possible to study online. This causes many people to believe that the lecture system will not be needed in the future. Do you agree or disagree with this statement

Speaking test


? What is your full name –
? Can I see your ID –
? Where are you from –
? Do you work or study –
? What do you study –
? What do you like the most about your study –
? What kind of music do you listen to –
? Do you listen to music alone or with friends –
? Did you listen to the same music as a child –
? What is the importance of concentration when you are doing work –
? When couldn’t you give your full attention to work? Why –
? What do you do when you need to achieve complete concentration –

Cue Card

Describe a local product that is only available in you region. Please say

 what product it is –
where you can get it –
what it is for –
. and what makes it unique to your region –


? What is the most innovative product nowadays? Why –
? What makes a product unique –
? Are these products really helpful to us –
? What new innovative product is imported by your country –
? Why do some products become popular and some do not –

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