IELTS Cue Card Sample 475 – Describe a photo of yourself you have taken

IELTS Cue card

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card

Describe a photo of yourself you have taken

: You should say

when you took it
what type of camera you used
why you took the photo
and explain whether you like this photo or not

: Sample Answer

Well, these days such photographs are called ‘selfie’ and I did not know that there was something called selfie until I turned to 23! Selfie is indeed a craze these days while it was unheard of in the past, at least to me. The photograph that I would like to talk about was not a so-called selfie that teenagers take these days using the front camera of their mobile phones. I took this picture many years ago when I was around 12 years old with a large Canon camera

My father gave me this camera on my 12th birthday and this was the first time when I owned a camera. I loved to capture pictures of my relatives and beautiful sceneries. We had to use a rolled film at that time called ‘rollfilm’ and did not have the freedom to take as many photos as we wanted unlike the digital camera owners have these days

One day I was invited to one of my friends’ birthday party and his parents requested me to bring my camera with me. I took many photos at that party and at night when I returned from the party, I noticed that 2-3 film strips were still empty and I could take more photos before I send the film roll to be washed and printed. At that time I was in my room and could not find anything suitable to capture. I was standing in front of the looking glass and the idea of taking my own picture popped in my head. It was a Canon CF-23 model camera and had only 3-4 options to adjust the light and flash while taking a photo. I had to spend more than 5 minutes to capture the picture and after I saw the printed version of this photo, I loved it

The picture shows me standing straight and holding a camera in front of my eyes. The backlight was visible and was more like a shining star in the sky. A part of the room was visible but everything in the opposite direction as it was through the mirror. I like this photo very much. It was taken by me, the idea was new, at least to me and the photo looks nice. My mother has this picture in her picture album and every time I see this photo, it reminds me my teenage days

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