IELTS Cue Card 1127

IELTS Cue card

IELTS Cue Card 1127

Describe a time when you were in a public place and you overheard a stranger talking on the phone

:You should say

where this happened
when it happened
what the person was talking about
.and explain how you felt about hearing the conversation

:Model Answer

I always try my best not to overhear any conversation whether they come from a stranger or the people, I know. In fact, I consider that doing such a thing is generally the characteristic of a nosy person, and I have set a standard for myself not to be nosy at any time. But, unfortunately, sticking to this standard just may not be easy, when you are in a public place, and when strangers around you talk about all sorts of things, just as I couldn’t do it on a few occasions

Anyway, it wasn’t like I was actually trying to overhear the conversation of that stranger when I was sitting at a food court of a shopping mall and enjoying some gourmet foods about a few months ago. Rather, I felt like the stranger, talking over his smartphone, was actually trying to attract attention from other people around him by boasting about how he tricked one of his fellow co-workers to cover for him at his work by making up some fabricated stories (I could call them just some “lies” in plain English)

The conversation had continued for almost 15 minutes, which provided complete details to the person on the other end as to how the stranger was planning to use his “holidays” into finding some real estate properties in another city instead of actually seeing his “imaginary” seriously sick uncle. At one point of his conversation, I even felt like moving away from the stranger after giving him some clues on how people around him were actually listening to his conversation, but I decided against it and just wanted to finish my food as soon as possible and leave that place

Anyway, I felt a bit awkward and also embarrassed at the same time because I overheard a conversation which was quite distasteful by my standard. I also felt like we all have some kinds of secrets, and we all should try to keep them as such, by trying not to talk about them in any kind of public places, because our secrets can always be used against us

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