IELTS Cue Card 1103

IELTS Cue card

IELTS Cue Card 1103

Describe the first time you used a foreign language to communicate

:You should say

what the situation was
where you were then
who you communicated with
.and explain why you used a foreign language to communicate on that occasion

:Model Answer

I never really underestimated the importance of learning to speak in a different language other than my native language. But, the importance of it increased even more to me when I actually had to use a foreign language in a critical situation

The critical situation, I am talking about, involved talking to an immigration officer at an airport when I visited Spain about a year ago for enjoying a vacation

Up until that point, I never really thought that I would need to use a foreign language other than English at an airport, at least. But, I was in for a surprise, after arriving at one of the major international airports, when a makeshift immigration officer greeted me and started to ask me different kind of questions in broken English. By the way, I didn’t realize that the gentleman was a makeshift immigration officer until I found out that I was waiting unusually long at the immigration checkpoint to get all my paper works done. Besides, he also told me that he was filling in for a certain gentleman

So, anyway, after I found out that the makeshift immigration officer was struggling to communicate with me in his broken English, I thought that it was probably the right time to be little bold and use the Spanish language for the first time in a formal set up which I learned at my high school. Seeing me speaking in his mother tongue, the immigration officer gentleman first looked a bit surprised and then excited with a very happy face, asking me how I learned his language and what possibly could have motivated me to learn a difficult language like Spanish. I tried to answer all of his questions in the Spanish language before leaving the airport happily

Anyway, I chose to use a foreign language on this occasion, primarily because I wanted to see how good I was in communicating in the Spanish language. Besides, I also wanted to help the makeshift immigration officer to ease up a little and feel comfortable when trying to communicate with me in English

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