IELTS Cue Card 1100

IELTS Cue card

IELTS Cue Card 1100

Describe a leisure activity that you do with your family

:You should say

what activity it is
when you do it with your family
how much you enjoy it
.and explain how this is helpful for you and your family

:Model Answer

One of the great advantages of having a family with active family members is that they never really run out of ideas to spend and enjoy quality time by getting involved with different kinds of leisurely activities. I am lucky that I have one of those active families who never hesitate to enjoy different recreational activities whenever an opportunity arrives

One such leisure activity, which my family really enjoys, is fishing, and I have seen my family doing fishing since the days I barely began to understand the world around me. Sometimes, I feel that fishing is in the blood of all of my family members, including me and my elder brothers, since we all happen to like it so much

In fact, we are so passionate about fishing that we have more than 50 years’ old fishing rods in our house which were used by my father to do fishing when he himself was a child. My mother doesn’t lag too far behind either in the race of being passionate about her fishing hobby because she doesn’t only do fishing by herself but also she takes pictures of herself and the entire family when we are fishing. We love fishing so much that we actually carry all kinds of foods with us, when going fishing, in case we have to spend the whole day to catch our preys

Anyway, as I have already mentioned earlier that we all like fishing whenever there is an opportunity, but we prefer to do it over the long weekend when we don’t have any urgent matters to take care of

Well, this particular type of leisure activity is really helpful for me and my family since nothing else brings us together as close as when going fishing. Besides, the fun and joy of catching live fishes and then eating them over dinner time just can’t be described in words. Finally, the loving memories, we create, by taking the pictures of our entire family when enjoying this activity together, is simply priceless

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