IELTS Cue Card 1037

IELTS Cue card

IELTS Cue Card 1037

Describe an occasion when you bought/made a special cake

:You should say

what the occasion was
why you bought the cake
whom you ate it with
.and explain why the cake was special

:Model Answer

A cake is an inevitable part of a birthday celebration and without blowing the birthday candle and cutting the cake, a birthday party seems incomplete. Thank you very much for this great topic and I would like to share my experience of celebrating my mom’s birthday for which I bought a special cake

It was my mom’s birthday in the middle of June last year and I planned with my sister to make it special by rejoicing the day. My parents are very enthusiastic about celebrating our birthday every year but when it comes to revelling their birthday, they are quite adamant and gives different excuses. Last year, we celebrated my mom’s birthday without even letting her know about it. I and my sister went to a large bakery shop earlier that day and picked a 3-pound eggless truffle cake, which is my mom’s favourite, and we purchased the cake to surprise her

In the evening a few relatives and two friends of mine came to our house and we asked my mom to come to my room. All the birthday arrangements including the cake and gifts were well hidden in my room. When my parents entered my room, a bunch of surprises were waiting for them. My parents became speechless and I was so happy to see their smile. My mother cut the cake and we sang the birthday song for her. It was a large cake considering the number of people and we all enjoyed it. Later that night we went to a renowned Chinese restaurant and enjoyed our dinner

The cake was special because it was meant for the birthday of a very special person in our life – my mother. I have bought many cakes including birthday cakes on different occasions but purchasing a cake for my mother was something truly special as it made her happy. It was not merely a cake but a gesture of our love for her and our gratefulness for everything she has done and still doing for us

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