IELTS Cue Card 1034

IELTS Cue card

IELTS Cue Card 1034

.Describe your grandparent’s job

:You should say

what it was
how long he or she had this job
how he or she got the job
.and whether you would like to have this job

:Model Answer

Since I don’t exactly understand what my grandfathers did as a job, I will tell you about my grandmother’s career. As it was uncommon for a woman to have a university degree and their own career other than being a stay at home mom, I really looked up to her for this my entire life. She always motivated me to be a strong, independent woman. Now, let me give you more details

She was a Registered Nurse, mostly focused on caring for the mentally ill. I really admired her for her career choice, as her brother committed suicide when she was young. Because of this, she wanted to provide help to those suffering from mental illnesses. She studied at a famed university in Washington, DC and directly after got a job at a hospital nearby. As she was at the top of her class, she was an extremely attractive candidate for any position, so she got the one she most sought after. I know that she greatly cared for her patients there, as my father used to tell me stories about how she would even invite her patients over to have dinner with their family sometimes! Apart from working as a full-time nurse, she also tended to her home and four children. She had this job from her post university years all the way to her retirement at age 65. All in all, I admire her for having a lot on her plate but still taking the time to take good care of her husband and children, while still taking the extra mile to make her patients feel part of her family, as well

Although I do believe that nursing is a fulfilling career, I wouldn’t want it for myself. For one, I cringe at the sight of blood. Moreover, mathematics and the sciences aren’t my strong point, so I don’t believe I would be a good candidate for this vocation. At the same time, I certainly respect others in this field. To sum it up, my grandmother was a woman ahead of her time

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