IELTS Cue Card 1032

IELTS Cue card

IELTS Cue Card 1032

.Describe an old person who is interesting

:You should say

who this person is
how you know this person
what you do with this person
and why you think this person is interesting

:Model Answer

I would like to talk about my grandfather. I’ve always looked up to him, as he has traveled the entire world on a low budget. Actually, as I’m now an avid traveler too, I feel that he planted some seeds in my head about this, since the rest of my family isn’t very fond of travel

To give you some more background, my grandfather and I have always had a close relationship. He always used to go out of his way to come visit me when I was a child. I remember he used to come pick me up from school pretty often as well. As I would sit in the backseat, he would tell me stories about his life and travels. Moreover, he was a history major, so he would always fill me in with facts about the world. If it weren’t for him, I would have never known about the history of these countries at such a young age. Although I don’t see him as often anymore, we always like to exchange travel photography, stories, and discuss history with one another

I find him really interesting because he has traveled to 111 countries and counting at 81 years old. Furthermore, he has traveled to places that aren’t the typical tourist destinations, which shows how adventurous he is. Even though his body is aging, his mind is still sharp and full of knowledge about many worldly topics. Furthermore, he has a unique sense of humor which makes time with him enjoyable. All in all, there aren’t many people like my grandfather so I treasure him

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