IELTS Cue Card 1029

IELTS Cue card

IELTS Cue Card 1029

Tell about a time when you were disappointed with your performance

:You should say

?Where and when you performed
?How you performed
?Why you were disappointed

:Model Answer

In today’s corporate world, our knowledge, skills and experience remain unrecognized, if we fail to work effectively and efficiently. No matter how efficient and hard working we are, if we fail to produce the desired results within the stipulated period of time, our efforts will go in vain. Moreover, we will be considered as non-achievers and incompetents. Our performance should be goal-oriented; otherwise, it would be meaningless

I work as a content writer in a marketing company. Like other jobs, my job also has some targets to achieve on monthly basis. Recently, my boss had given me a target of writing 50 blogs in a month. Additionally, I had also been given some extra job responsibilities as well. Since, I was new in the company and overloaded with multiple tasks, I was not able to focus completely on my main task of writing blogs. Still, I was trying my best to perform better. While balancing my multiple duties and responsibilities, I forgot that sometimes, quantity matters more than the quality

While, I was almost on the verge of meeting the deadlines, all of sudden, I fell sick and that too just before the month end. Unfortunately, I could not come to the office for two days .As a result, I could write only 30 articles which were way less than the expected numbers. Moreover, I had no justification for my unsatisfactory performance. As an extrinsic factor, my unplanned illness perfectly played its role in my failure. However, I realized that I could probably manage my work effectively if I would have been more proactive and organised

I felt so disappointed and disheartened because despite of trying so ardently I could not achieve the monthly target. But as we know, every failure has a lesson to teach. So, due to this incidence, I had learned one thing for sure that the gap between the actual and the expected performance eventually decides our happiness and disappointment at workplace. Therefore, our actual performance should be equivalent or more than the expected performance to be an achiever. Then only we get rewards and recognition in all spheres of our life

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