IELTS Cue Card 1024

IELTS Cue card

IELTS Cue Card 1024

Describe someone you know who has started a business

:You should say

Who this person is
What work this person does
Why this person decided to start a business
.And explain whether you would like to do the same kind of work as this person

:Model Answer

I would like to tell you about Mark Zuckerberg who is a famous technology entrepreneur and the founder of Facebook Corporation

Well, I think everybody knows Mark as one of the statue in start-up world because he set up his own business when he was still a student in Harvard University

He firstly created a social network with profile information of his friends in the dorm which attracted hundreds of users just in a week. Nobody would think that this hobby could turn into a multi-million dollar business 10 years later, especially when he was still so young at that time

You know what, I think he was so clever to foresee the potential profit of this application so he co-operated with some friends to raise the company profile. Nowadays, Facebook is widely used by millions of people all over the world which brought an impressive sale figure to the company. However, you must have heard that Mark recently faced a scandal of leaking customer personal information, because of which, he must testify with the authorities. Of course.. no pain no gain

Despite of this issue, I still admire him so much for his talent and determination and want to become a successful entrepreneur like him. Start-up has never been a piece of cake, especially in such adverse competition, you have to be very unique to stand out but once you are you can earn a fortune. I love the feeling of being challenged because only am I pushed to my limit, my full potentials will be unlocked. Who know, in the future, I might run my own online education business

.That’s all I want to share

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