IELTS Cue Card 1007

IELTS Cue card

IELTS Cue Card 1007

Describe a recent progress that your country has witnessed

:You should say

what it is
how long it took to finish or is it still ongoing
how you feel about it
.and explain how it is beneficial to your country

:Model Answer

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the chance you have given me to talk about a contemporary advancement that our country has witnessed. The development work that I am going to talk about was much anticipated and highly desired, and I believe it will be enormously positive for the country and the citizens

Progress, in my opinion, is a meaningful improvement or development in an area or sector to have something better than it is to be. When a country progresses, it ensures better living standard to its citizens. However, not all progress or development works come without negative consequences

My country – (say your country’s name), has recently completed a highly ambitious project known as Kankas Super Highway. This project has taken more than two decades, and now it ensures better inland communication and transportation throughout the country. In terms of the outcome, it has connected several districts with the capital city and people are already getting benefits from this grand project. Many experts believe that it will dramatically change the trade and transport facilities in our country, especially for people from rural areas

The scheme was initiated in 1998 and took almost 20 years to finish. However, I have read in a recent newspaper article that some works are still going on, perhaps those were planned at a later phase, and the ministry of rural transportation has allocated more budget to add diversity to this development work. For instance, the rail transportation system is expected to be integrated with this project and I guess, this work is still ongoing

It makes me sad that the development works didn’t come without a price we were not ready to pay. We had to sacrifice two small forests, vast agricultural lands and a few hilly areas- the natural habitat of the flora and fauna, not to mention the overwhelming number of trees that had been cut down to carry on the project. I hope we would be able to take some initiatives to cover the loss, at least a portion of it, and make sure the progress in the transportation sector ensures a better life for all citizens

Considering the advantages, I am quite positive this progress will bring tremendous benefits. The old highway didn’t connect all parts of the country to the capital city and couldn’t cope with the number of increasing vehicles running on the roads. Now that the development works are almost done, people from any part of the country have better access to the capital city and that would definitely improve our overall trade facilities, and as a result, people will get better access to education, treatment, and employment

IELTS Cue Card 1007
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