Idioms in context – 9

Idioms in context 9

Idioms in context – 9

داستان زیر را بخوانید و معنای اصطلاحات را حدس بزنید:

The Ball

I’ve started the ball rolling by telling you what I think our company should do now. I would like anyone who has any comments or questions to speak now. The ball is in your court. Don’t forget that our rival companies are on the ball and if we don’t act quickly and do something off our own bat they will. I know my proposals will involve people doing overtime, but I hope that the workers may agree to play ball given the circumstances we are all in. It’s not our fault we are in this situation. Different rates of tax in different countries mean that we are not competing on a level ground field


set/start/keep the ball rolling کاری را شروع کردن

Meaning: to start something happening Example: To start the ball rolling, the government was asked to contribute £۱ million

the ball is in sb’s court توپ تو زمین کسی بودن

Meaning: Decide it is their turn to take action or to reply Example: I’ve emailed him – now the ball’s in his court

on the ball هوشیار بودن

Meaning: able to think or act quickly and intelligently Example: an assistant who’s really on the ball

do something off your own bat سرخود کاری را کردن

Meaning: to do something without being told to do it Example: She went to see a solicitor off her own bat

play ball همکاری کردن ، راه آمدن

Meaning: To cooperate with someone; to do what someone wants or says Example1: If you play ball, we’ll be able to reduce your sentence from eight years to just two Example2: Just play ball and do what they say, and nobody will get hurt

On a level ground/playing field شرایط منصفانه

Meaning: a situation in which everyone has the same chance of succeeding Example: If the tax systems are different in each European country, how can industries start on a level playing field

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