Idioms Exercises – Part 62


Idioms Exercises – Part 62

.Fill in the blanks with appropriate idioms

exhausted/ listening carefully/ had no money/ heavily armed/ stupid/ all in the same situation/ discouraged/ the beginning/ like his father

.N1. He was all ears when his boss talked

.N2. He is a chip off the old block

.N3. He is thick in the head

.N4. The bank robbers were armed to the teeth

.N5. His comments threw a wet blanket on the discussion

.N6. They were beat after three days of hard work

.N7. Jack was hard up to pay his rent

.N8. The storm left them all in the same boat

.N9. The house fire meant we had to start from scratch


N1. Listening carefully
N2. like his father
N3. stupid
N4. heavily armed
N5. discouraged
N6. exhausted
N7. had no money
N8. in the same situation
N9. beginning

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