Idioms Exercises – Part 6

Idioms Exercises Part 6

Idioms Exercises – Part 6

.Fill in the following idioms in the sentences below. Make changes to fit the sentence

a. at loggerheads b. out of breath c. see eye to eye d. grab the bull by the horns e. sitting duck

.N1. putting those rockets on fixed sites would make them ________ for the enemy

N2. He is not always ____________ with the boss about everything, and I think that’s maybe why he’s leaving

N3.The teachers are ____________ with the students on how much homework should be set

 .___________N4. After climbing all the stairs to the top pf Empire State Building, she was

N5. Just sitting here thinking about the problem isn’t helping. You’ve got ________ so go on ,face her and settle your differences right away



Sitting duck/at loggerheads/seeing eye to eye/out of breath/grab the bull by the horns

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