Idioms Exercises – Part 41


Idioms Exercises – Part 41

.Read the following examples and try to guess the meaning of the idioms

JFK movie

.N1. Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner): Even if we give FBI and CIA the benefit of the doubt

JFK movie

N2. Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner): The government is lying through its teeth regarding the Kennedy’s assassination

Bruce Almighty movie

.N3. Bruce talking to his boss: Let’s cut the crap and get down the brass tacks


N1. a concession that a person or statement must be regarded as correct or justified, if the contrary has not been proven

“I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt as to whether it was deliberate or not”

N2. tell an outright lie without remorse

“Don’t worry, Lavender, you’ll soon catch up’, Miss Honey said, lying through her teeth’ “

N3. Deal with the essentials; come to the point

Idioms Exercises – Part 41
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