Idioms Exercises – Part 38

Idioms Exercises Part 38

Idioms Exercises – Part 38

Fill in the following idioms in the sentences below. Make changes to fit the sentence

D. give sb the green light E. get sb off the hook F. get to the bottom of sth A. get to grips with sth B. make do with sth C. make ends meet

.N1. Money keeps disappearing from the shop . ………… I don’t know who it is but I am going to

N2. This is the first time John made a mistake. It was a one-off Trust him . ……… He will be more careful in future. I think we should

N3. I really want to ….. French so that I can speak it properly when I go to France next year

N4. I have problem paying the bill- gas, electricity, phone. I try to be careful with money . ……… but I just don’t earn enough

N5. I don’t have time to go to the shops today, so I suppose we’ll have to ………… what is left from yesterday’s meal

N6. A: When are we going to upgrade our computers? They are useless . ………… B: Next month. We have been waiting for the head office to



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