Idioms Exercises – Part 23


Idioms Exercises – Part 23

Fill in the following idioms in the sentences below. Make changes to fit the sentence

A. two – faced
B. pull a face at sb
C. to be head and shoulders above sb
D. a shoulder to cry on
E. neck and neck
F. keep one’s cards close to one’s chest

.N1. Arsenal and Manchester United are still …………. at the top of the league

.A: Thanks for listening, Rachel. I feel better for talking to you
. …………N2. B: That’s O.K. You can always come to me if you need

…………N3. If there is one thing that I hate it is people who are

?A: Karen Smith is still top of the class this year, isn’t she
…………N4. B: Yes, she

.N5. Emma ……… when she heard that Jim was coming to the party

N6. Despite his readiness to talk generally about the difficulties of his people, the nationalist leader ……… and said nothing of any substance


N1. Neck and neck
N2. A shoulder to cry on
N3. Two-faced
N4. Is head and shoulders above all
N5. Pulled a face
N6. Keeps his cards close to his chest

Idioms Exercises – Part 23
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