Idioms Exercises – Part 2


Idioms Exercises – Part 2

Fill in the following idioms in the sentences below. Make changes to fit the sentences

a) Live on the breadline
روی خط فقر بودن

b) Once in a blue moon
سالی به دوازده ماه

c) Loaded
بجه مایه دار

d) Chicken feed

e) Catch somebody red-handed
مچ کسی را گرفتن

f) For donkey’s years
مدت مدید


—————- N1. I have a good idea who’s stealing from my orchard, but the only way to prove it is to
N2. I used to go to the movies quite a lot but there is not much I want to see these days. I only go ————-now
————–N3. I haven’t been to the theater in London
N4. This is a modern, industrial society but millions of people in this country are still —————
————–N5. Sure I can afford it. It’s just
—————-N6. Look at the car paul drives and those Armani suits! He must be



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