Idioms Exercises – Part 111


Idioms Exercises – Part 111

Feeling good and healthy

A clean bill of health
Do a world of good

Feeling sick and unhealthy

not up to par / below par
under the weather
Stress you out
Worn out
Not agree with you/ upset your stomach
Come down with something


Fight something off
Have bags under your eyes
Run a fever
Going around

Being seriously ill

Fighting for your life
Have one foot in the grave / at deaths door


On the mend
Get over an illness
Get back on your feet

.Rewrite this letter from Chris to his friend sue

,Dear sue
Sorry I haven’t written, I was feeling unwell. I think I was resisting a cold. Work was making me feel nervous and unhappy, and I think it was probably making me tired. The good news is that I spent a week in the mountains. The fresh air made me feel much healthier and happier. I recovered from my mystery illness and am feeling great again. I hope you’re well and happy. I’ll write again soon
,Best wishes


Under the weather
Fighting off
Stressing me out
Wearing me out
Did me a world of good
Got over
Back on my feet

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