Idioms Exercises – Part 107

Idioms Exercises Part 107

Idioms Exercises – Part 107

.Use the following idioms to complete the following sentences

Blow hot and cold/carried away/ chocked up/ cool off/ a lump in your throat/ on edge/ pick you up/touch a nerve / up in arms/ whatever floats your boat

. __________________ N1. “I’m going to take a year off and travel.” “Great

.N2. Most people are a little _______________ before an important exam

. __________________ N3. The boss is still angry. Give her a chance to

.N4. He can’t decide how he feels about this idea – he’s been _____________ for weeks

.N5. It was a sad play. I had _____________ at the end

.N6. We got _______________ and invited the whole class to the party

.N7. Parents are _____________ over plans to close the school

N8. The winner wanted to say a few words, but he got ______________ and couldn’t speak

?N9. The sunshine really_____________ , doesn’t it

.N10. The decision to raise tuition _____________ among the students


N1. Whatever floats your boat N2. on edge N3. cool off N4. blow hot and cold N5. a lump in her throat N6. carried away N7. up in arms N8. choked up N9. picks you up N10. touched a nerve

have a lump in your throat / get chocked up : feel emotional

cool down / cool off : stop feeling angry

blow hot and cold : be positive sometimes and sometimes negative

your heart isn’t in something : not interested

on edge : nervous

out of sorts : in a bad mood

up in arms : very angry

touch a (raw) nerve / hit a (raw) nerve : cause an emotional reaction

drive someone up the wall : make someone angry

Get up on the wrong side of the bed : to start the day feeling unhappy

Down in the dumps : unhappy

Over the moon / Walking on air : very happy

A sight for sore eyes : sth you are happy to see

Whatever floats your boat : what makes you happy

Pick you up : cheer you up

Be swept away / carried away : feel enthusiastic

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