Idioms Exercises – Part 105

Idioms Exercises Part 105

Idioms Exercises – Part 105

.Match the idioms with their definitions

A. having knowledge of and involvement in something B. in communication with someone C. to avoid talking about what is important D. to make contact with someone by telephone E. to persuade someone to express his or her thoughts and feelings F. to talk briefly to someone G. private H. to continue talking about something

N1. beat around the bush

N2. get through (to somebody)

N3. pick up on something

N4. between you and me

N5. in the loop

N6. touch base (with someone)

N7. draw someone out

N8. in touch (with someone)


N1. C N2. D N3. H N4. G N5. A N6. F N7. E N8. B

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