Idiom warm-up – part 2

Idiom warm-up part 2

Idiom warm-up – part 2

Idioms with cut

 Drag the correct word into the gap to complete the idiom in each sentence. The sentences below contain an idiom with cut


. N1. I advised her to cut her__________ and close the restaurant

. __________ N2. The team needs to prove it can still cut the

 N3. She was cut to the __________ to reduce their costs

. N4. Some manufacturers are cutting __________ to reduce their costs

. N5. He cut his __________ on music videos before directing feature films

N6. His promise to reduce income tax cut no __________ with the voters

. __________ N7. I should be able to get there in time, but it’s cutting it

N8. The president cut __________ his vision to North America on hearing that his country was under attack

? N9. I don’t have much time, so let’s cut to the __________- can you help me


: Answers

N1. losses N2. mustard N3. quick N4. corners N5. teeth N6. ice N7. fine N8. short N9. chase N10. dead

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