Idiom warm-up – part 1

Idiom warm-up part 1

Idiom warm-up – part 1

Idioms with burn

کدام اصطلاح در کدام موقعیت استفاده میشود؟

burn the candle at both ends get your fingers burned burn your bridges burn to the ground have money to burn burn a hole in your pocket burn the midnight oil burn something to a crisp get burned be burning with something

N1. to get very tired by doing things very late at night and getting up early in the mornings

N2. to be destroyed by fire – used of a building

N3. to do something with the result that you will not be able to return to a previous situation again, even if you want to

N4. to work or study until late at night

N5. to lose a lot of money

N6. to have more money than you need, so that you spend it on unnecessary things

N7. to be available to be spent, so that you want to spend it as soon as you can – used of money


: Answers

N1. Burn the candle at both ends

N2. Burn to the ground

N3. Burn your bridges

N4. Burn the midnight oil

N5. Get burned

N6. Have money to burn

N7. Burn a hole in your pocket

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