Grammar Warm-up – Part 92

Grammar Warm-up Part 92

Grammar Warm-up – Part 92

.Choose the best words

Tornadoes occur / are occurring in most areas of the world. However, the plains of the United States have / are having the most. (Plains are large areas of flat land with few trees.) Tornado Alley, a frequent area for tornadoes, stretches / is stretching from Texas to North Dakota. Because tornadoes form / are forming over flat areas of land, they are not / do not so common in the mountains. Cold air meets / is meeting warm air, usually in a thunderstorm. The winds make / are making a spiral or funnel cloud that sometimes reaches 320 miles per hour. They pick up / are picking up cars, trees, and houses. Sometimes this debris flies / is flying for miles. Strong tornadoes cause/ are causing a lot of damage. Surprisingly, the funnel cloud doesn’t last / isn’t lasting long, usually less than ten minutes. Right now a tornado forms / is forming over the plains. People seek / are seeking shelter in underground areas such as basements. Several storm chasers get / are getting ready to follow the tornado and collect data. They listen / are listening to weather radios for storm updates.Are you /Do you familiar with tornadoes? Are you / Do you have tornadoes in your area


occur have stretches form are not meets make pick up flies cause doesn’t last is forming are seeking are getting are listening Are you Do you

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