Grammar Warm-up – Part 88

Grammar Warm-up Part 88


Grammar Warm-up – Part 88

.Use a double possessive construction for the pronouns in parentheses

. _______ (N1. Any friend (you) _______ is a friend (I .N2. An old classmate (he) _______ is coming to dinner .N3. A neighbor (us) _______ likes to gossip a great deal . _______ (N4. I can understand why they’re so proud of that son (they .N5. A good customer (he) _______ died recently . _______ (N6. Some papers (you) _______ got mixed in with some notes (I .N7. Almost no friends (they) _______ came to the funeral .N8. Many patients (he) _______ stopped coming to him after he raised his fees .N9. Those jade carvings (they) _______ are worth a fortune



N1. Of yours/of mine N2. Of his N3. Of ours N4. Of theirs N5. Of his N6. Of yours/ of mine N7. Of theirs N8. Of his N9. Of theirs

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