Grammar Warm-up – Part 2

Grammar Warm-up Part 2

Grammar Warm-up – Part 2

Modal Verbs 1

. For each sentence, decide which modal verb should go in the gap

? N1. Do you think it can/should/will rain tomorrow

. N2. I don’t think I can /may /might carry on much longer

. N3. I told him he could/must/ought to get himself a lawyer

. N4. I’ll do my best but I might not/ will not/ wouldn’t be able to help you

. N5. You may not/mustn’t /ought not worry- everything is going to be OK

. N6. I asked her where she’d been but she mightn’t /shouldn’t/wouldn’t tell me

. N7. When I was your age I can/could/might speak languages fluently

. N8. There must/ought/should be something wrong with the heating system

. N9. If we hadn’t had a map, we can/ must/ would never have found our way here

N10. Aluminum cake tins might/ ought/ should be cleaned gently to avoid scratching them



N1. Will N2. Can N3. ought N4. Might not N5. Mustn’t N6. Wouldn’t N7. Could N8. Must N9. Would N10. Should

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