Grammar Warm-up – Part 14


Grammar Warm-up – Part 14

Linking words 2

.choose the correct linking word to complete each sentence

.N1. I spent several years in Spain, and/despite/yet I never learnt to speak Spanish
N2. She found the job very tough. And/Nevertheless/Tough she stayed at the company and was finally promoted
.N3. They went to the beach although/and/despite the bad weather
.N4. He spent several years in Finland and/despite/however then moved to Poland
N5. He never went to university, although/in spite of/nevertheless getting top marks at school
N6. She has recovered from the accident now but/despite/in spite of she still feels scared when she goes anywhere in a car
N7. Even although/despite/though Paul’s brother lives in Brazil, he has never been there
N8. She apologized for taking the car without my permission. Also/Despite/However, I was still angry
.N9. Although/Despite/However the bad weather, they still went ahead with the game
.N10. Not only did he lose the business also/and/but he lost his house as well



Yet/ nevertheless/ despite/ and/ in spite of/ but/ though/ however/ despite/ but


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