Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

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Downton Abbey


!What a lovely day ?Are you quite sure about Lavinia .She wasn’t Sir Richard’s mistress .She gave him the evidence to settle a debt of someone she loved ?And this is your beau, is it? A man who lends money, then uses it to blackmail the recipient .He lives in a tough world ?And will you be joining him there .Richard Carlisle is powerful .He’s rich and getting richer .He wants to buy a proper house, you know – with an estate .He says, after the war, the market will be flooded and we can take our pick .Oh? And you can dance on the grave of a fallen family .They will fall, lots of them .Some won’t rise again, but I don’t intend to be among them .That leaves Matthew .That’s done now, Granny .Finished .It’s time to move forward ?What about Sybil? Does she have anyone in her sights .Not that I know of .Are you sure she has no chap in mind? How odd! I had an endless series of crushes at her age .I don’t think so ?Not even some man she doesn’t care to mention ?What do you mean .Well, war breaks down barriers and when peacetime re-erects them, it’s very easy to find oneself on the wrong side .Really, Granny! How can you say that I’m too worldly but Sybil’s not worldly enough? You cannot be so contrary .I’m a woman, Mary .I can be as contrary as I choose

.But I don’t understand .The patients are always served their luncheon at 12:30 .Well, today they’ll be served at one ?Is this something I can help with .Mrs Patmore seems to be disobeying my instructions and I can’t get to the reason why .If you mean the patients’ new lunchtime, Her Ladyship felt it made the staff luncheon unreasonably early .She moved it, so they could eat at noon .But that will interfere with the nurses’ shifts .Oh no, she’s altered those, too .Has she, indeed? Well, we’ll see about that .It was always a question of when

?May I have a word ?Can it wait .No, it cannot wait .I’ve just come from downstairs, where I learnt that my timetable has been wantonly disregarded If you mean the new lunchtime, the wretched servants were having to eat at 11 and then starve until their tea at six, so .I’ve also discovered that you torn up the nurses’ timetable .I haven’t torn up anything .It would be foolish to accuse you of being unprofessional, as you’ve never had a profession in your life !Now, just a minute -You may think you have the right to ordain the universe, but in this field No, not in this field – in this house, yes, I do have the right, given me by Doctor Clarkson and by the law of the land! This is my house, and I am in charge right alongside you! If you would stop your bullying – That’s enough! I will not listen to this .If I am not appreciated here, I will seek some other place where I will make a difference .Good .I mean it .I cannot operate where I am not valued !You must see that .Certainly .I shall go .I will .Perhaps it would be best .I repeat – I mean it .I’m sure you do – and so do I

Language Focus

Mistress a woman that a man has a sexual relationship with, even though he is married to someone else

.The Prince had shocked society by living openly with his mistress

settle a debt Debt settlement is the process of negotiating with creditors to reduce overall debts in exchange for a lump sum payment. A successful settlement occurs when the creditor agrees to forgive a percentage of total account balance. Normally, only unsecured debts not secured by real assets like homes or autos can be settled

Blackmail when someone tries to get money from you or make you do what they want by threatening to tell other people your secrets

recipient someone who receives something


flood the market to produce and sell a very large number of one type of thing, so that the price goes down

take one’s pick choose any one you want

.You can take your pick of any dessert on the cart

Intend to have something in your mind as a plan or purpose

in sb’s sight if you have someone or something in your sights, you intend to achieve it

chap a man, especially a man you know and like: a decent sort of chap

crush a strong feeling of romantic love for someone, especially one that a young person has for someone older who they do not know well SYN: infatuation .She had a huge crush on her geography teacher

Barriers a rule, problem etc that prevents people from doing something, or limits what they can do

He advocated the removal of trade barriers

Re-erect to fix all the pieces of something together, and put it in an upright position SYN: put up .It took a couple of hours to erect the tent

Worldly relating to ordinary life rather than spiritual or religious ideas SYN: mundane .He seemed very calm and far removed from worldly concerns

Contrary contrary ideas, opinions, or actions are completely different and opposed to each other SYN: opposing .Two contrary views emerged.view emerge The men shouted contrary orders

Luncheon lunch

disobey to refuse to do what someone with authority tells you to do, or refuse to obey a rule or law OPP: obey .You disobeyed my orders

interfere with to deliberately get involved in a situation where you are not wanted or needed SYN: meddle .My daughter-in-law said that I was interfering, but I was only trying to help

Alter to change, or to make someone or something change

.Her face hadn’t altered much over the years

?May I have a word Speak with, discuss with, as in Jerry asked to have a word with you, or I must have a word with Bill about the repairs

Wanton deliberately harming someone or damaging something for no reason

an act of wanton aggression

a wanton disregard for life

Wretched someone who is wretched is very unhappy or ill, and you feel sorry for them

the poor, wretched girl

tear up tear up an agreement/a contract etc to say that you no longer accept an agreement or contract

threats to tear up the peace agreement

accuse sb of sth to say that you believe someone is guilty of a crime or of doing something bad

accuse somebody of (doing) something

.He was accused of murder

Ordain to order that something should happen

in charge the position of having control or responsibility for a group of people or an activity

in charge (of something) .He asked to speak to the person in charge

Alongside used to say that people or things do something or exist together at the same time

.Charles spent a week working alongside the miners

Bully someone who uses their strength or power to frighten or hurt someone who is weaker

.Bullies are often cowards

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