Confusing English Words – farther / further

Confusing English Words farther / further

Confusing English Words – farther / further

بسیاری از کلمات وجود دارند که معنی یکسانی دارند، اما در واقع تعاریف و کاربردهای مختلفی دارند. شما می خواهید درست صحبت کنید و از به کار بردن کلمات نادرست خودداری کنید، اما در مورد معنی دقیق و کاربرد هر کلمه کاملا مطمئن نیستید. بعضی از زبان آموزان حتی به دلیل تردیدهایشان از به کار بردن کلمات خودداری می کنند! هدف ما در این سری از پست ها روشن کردن رایج ترین کلمات گیج کننده در انگلیسی است.

farther / further

:The word farther is used for distances

.I ran 3 miles, but my sister ran 5 miles. She ran 2 miles farther than me .Philadelphia is just a two-hour drive away, but Washington is farther – it takes about 5 hours to get there

.You can remember it because farther has the word “far” in it – which refers to physical distance

.”The word further is used for metaphorical distance – such as time or progress – to mean “additional” or “to a greater extent

.He interrupted me before I could say anything further .In order for the research to proceed further, we need more funding .We’ve waited long enough; we need to publish this article without further delay

:However, the dictionary does say that further can also be used for physical distance

.There’s a gas station about ten miles farther/further down the road

:Finally, the word furthermore means “in addition” and is used to introduce a phrase

.I don’t recommend that school. It’s expensive and the teachers are not very good. Furthermore, it has neither a library nor a computer lab

.The word furthermore is a bit formal, and when speaking everyday English we would usually say “Plus” or “Also” instead

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