Confusing English Words – been / gone


Confusing English Words – been / gone

بسیاری از کلمات وجود دارند که معنی یکسانی دارند، اما در واقع تعاریف و کاربردهای مختلفی دارند.
شما می خواهید درست صحبت کنید و از به کار بردن کلمات نادرست خودداری کنید، اما در مورد معنی دقیق و کاربرد هر کلمه کاملا مطمئن نیستید.
بعضی از زبان آموزان حتی به دلیل تردیدهایشان از به کار بردن کلمات خودداری می کنند!
هدف ما در این سری از پست ها روشن کردن رایج ترین کلمات گیج کننده در انگلیسی است.

been / gone

:When talking about past travel experiences, we typically use been to mean “gone” or “visited,” usually with ever/never

Have you ever been to Australia? (= Have you ever visited Australia?)
Yes, I’ve been there three times. (= I’ve gone there three times.)
No, I’ve never been there. (= I’ve never visited.)

:The word been describes trips that have happened at an indefinite time in the past (and implies that the person has returned from the trip)

.I’ve been to Germany twice. (I am not in Germany now, but I have visited Germany two times at some point in the past)
.We haven’t been to India yet. (We have not yet visited India at any point in the past)
Have you ever been to Asia? (Have you visited Asia at any point in the past?)

:When talking about recently going to a place (and the person is still there), we use gone

Sorry, Bob’s not in his office. He’s already gone home for the day. = he went home and he is still at home

Maria’s gone to the hospital because she’s about to have the baby. = she went to the hospital and she is still at the hospital

My sister’s gone to South America on vacation; she’ll be back next month. = she went to South America and she is still in South America

We can also use went in these cases: Bob already went home, Maria went to the hospital, my sister went to South America. This is especially common in American English


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