Confusing English Words – alive / life / live


Confusing English Words – alive / life / live

بسیاری از کلمات وجود دارند که معنی یکسانی دارند، اما در واقع تعاریف و کاربردهای مختلفی دارند.
شما می خواهید درست صحبت کنید و از به کار بردن کلمات نادرست خودداری کنید، اما در مورد معنی دقیق و کاربرد هر کلمه کاملا مطمئن نیستید.
بعضی از زبان آموزان حتی به دلیل تردیدهایشان از به کار بردن کلمات خودداری می کنند!
هدف ما در این سری از پست ها روشن کردن رایج ترین کلمات گیج کننده در انگلیسی است.

alive / life / live

:The word l-i-v-e has two pronunciations

:The verb live (with the “i” sound in “sit”) means to reside

.I live in a small house
.She lives in France

.The adjective live (with the “i” sound in “like”) has a few different meanings

:When music or a TV broadcast is happening in real time (it was not previously recorded)

.There’s live music at the bar on Friday nights

.We’re bringing you the latest news live from Washington D.C

:When an animal is alive, not dead

.He found a live snake in his tent

:The word life is also pronounced with the “i” in “like” and is a noun

.I’m reading a book about the life of Albert Einstein
?Do you think there’s life on other planets
.He has faced many difficulties in his life

:The plural of life is lives

.My parents are planning to live in Florida for the rest of their lives
.Thousands of lives were lost in the war

:”The word alive is an adjective, and it also means “not dead

.It’s amazing he was still alive after being in the desert without water for four days
.The oldest person alive is currently 124 years old

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