Common Mistakes : Voyage

Common Mistakes : Voyage

Common Mistakes : Voyage


Voyage – Noun

BAD: She didn’t say much about her voyage to Germany

GOOD: She didn’t say much about her trip to Germany

BAD: On the first day we’ll rest because the voyage will be tiring

GOOD: On the first day we’ll rest because the journey will be tiring


Journey :  When you travel to a place that is far away or to a place that you visit regularly, you go on/make a journey (NOT do/have ): ‘You can’t go on a journey to Alaska without making careful preparations.’ ‘The journey to work takes about half an hour by train.’ If the roads are flooded, we’ll have to make the journey by boat

Trip :  When you go to a place and come back again, especially for a short visit, you go on/make/take a trip : ‘How was your trip to San Francisco?’ She’s away on a business trip and won’t be back until Monday

Travel (uncountable) is the general activity of moving about the world or from place to place. ‘She enjoys foreign travel immensely.’ ‘New computer technology has made air travel considerably safer.’ A word with a similar meaning is travelling. This –ing form is often used after verbs and prepositions: ‘I hate travelling on my own.’ ‘The job involves a certain amount of travelling. NOT – of travel

In compounds nouns, travel is used: ‘foreign travel’, ‘air travel’ – NOT air travelling

Travels : Someone’s travels (plural) are the journeys they make (and the experiences they have) during a long visit to one or more foreign countries: ‘I accompanied the South African team throughout their travels in Australia and New Zealand.’ We filmed a lot of wild animals on our travels

A voyage is a long journey in a boat or ship: Heavy seas and strong winds made the voyage from Europe very unpleasant

A tour is a journey that you make for pleasure during which you visit a number of different places within a country, region etc: ‘For our next holiday we’re going on a ten-day tour of the Lake District.’ Politicians and entertainers sometimes go on a tour as part of their work, making a planned series of visits in order to meet people or perform: The Prime Minister will be returning on Monday from a three-week tour of Southeast Asia

A tour is also a short trip around a city, factory, museum etc: After lunch we were taken on a guided tour of York Minster

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