Common Mistakes : Hour

Common Mistakes : Hour

Common Mistakes : Hour


.BAD: It was a twelve hours trip .GOOD: It was a twelve-hour trip

Using numbers

Day, month, minute, mile, kilo etc are always SINGULAR when used (with a number) immediately before a noun .a six-minute wait , a ten-second silence , a five-mile race .My travel agent had arranged a 6-day coach tour .The company provides a three-month training course : Compare : We waited for thirty minutes .We had a thirty-minute wait

When you say 100, 1000 etc , or write these numbers in words, use a hundred, a thousand WITH a .The palace was build a thousand years ago : Compare .The palace was built 1000 years ago

: For emphasis or to be exact, it is possible to use one instead of a .I am one hundred percent against the idea

After a/one/five/twelve etc , the words hundred, thousand, etc are always SINGULAR and are NOT followed by of .Five hundred children are born in the city every day .More than three thousand people were there

: Similarly, of is NOT used after 100, 250, 3000 etc .If you kill 200 whales a year, they will soon disappear

Hundreds (of), thousands (of) etc are used only when you give a general idea of how many or how much .There were hundreds of stars in the sky .They’ve spent thousands (of pounds) on improvements to the house

Use and between hundred and the next number. In American English, and is often omitted, especially in formal styles

.BrE The club has about a hundred and thirty members .AmE The club has about a hundred (and) thirty members

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