Common Mistakes : Drunken

Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes : Drunken


.BAD: The man was obviously drunken
.GOOD: The man was obviously drunk

.BAD: One of the two drunken men shouted at me
.GOOD: One of the two drunks shouted at me

: Drunken is rarely used to describe a person. It usually describes an action or event
.drunken driving
.drunken laughter
.a drunken brawl
.a drunken orgy
.(The exception is ‘drunken drivers’ (usually drunk drivers in AmE
.Drunken always comes before a noun

: (To describe a person, use drunk (NOT drunken
.I think he wanted to get us all drunk
.One of the students was always getting drunk
.Drunk is not used before a noun

: When you mean ‘a person who is drunk’, use a drunk
.A couple of drunks were causing a disturbance


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