Common Mistakes : Dish

Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes : Dish


.BAD: Dinner usually consists of three dishes
.GOOD: Dinner usually consists of three courses

.BAD: The main dish was roast beef with fresh vegetables
.GOOD: The main course was roast beef with fresh vegetables


:Meal A meal is the food that you eat at about the same time each day
.After the meal we went to a discotheque
?We usually have our main meal in the evening

: Menu A menu is a list of all the things that you can order in a restaurant
.I tried to read the menu but it was all in French
?Is there any fish on the menu

:Course A meal may be served in separate stages. Each stage is called a course
.The main course was disappointing, but the dessert was excellent
.I’m not hungry enough to eat a three-course meal

: Dish A dish is
: N1. the food prepared in a particular way and served as a meal or part of a meal
.My favourite Italian dish is lasagne
.For the main course there were six different meal dishes to choose from
N2. a (usually shallow) container that food is placed in and then cooked or served
!I hope this dish is ovenproof

The dishes The dishes is a collective term for all the plates, bowls, cups, etc, that are used during a meal
?Whose turn is it to wash the dishes tonight

: Plate A plate is
N1. a (usually round) flat object that food is placed on, especially just before it is eaten
.All the clean plates are still in the dishwasher
.I’d never seen anyone put so much food on their plate
:N2. (also plateful ) the amount of food on a plate
?How can you eat two large plates of spaghetti and still feel hungry

.BAD: Some children have to prepare their own dishes
.GOOD: Some children have to prepare their own meals

.BAD: Dinner is the main dish of the day
.GOOD: Dinner is the main meal of the day

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